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The Mission

The Mission:

SpeakHDL was created in effort to address the need for a practical FPGA design tool.  FPGAs have always been intriguing devices to engineers, hobbyists, and students due to their versatility. However, the initial learning curve can be very steep due to the lack of familiarity with RTL coding techniques.  Additionally, many potential users of FPGAs may not have an extensive background in digital design. There needs to be a tool that caters to the productivity needs of those individuals.

The aim of SpeakHDL is to make FPGA development more accessible to new-comers regardless of their hardware or software background.  In order to do this, SpeakHDL takes a non-traditional approach.  Command-based programming is meant to be more engaging and interactive than traditional coding techniques, and the use of procedural programming is meant to bring more cohesion between the software vs. hardware programming mindsets.

SpeakHDL's mission is to make configuration of an FPGA just as practical as programming a microcontroller. To achieve such an optimistic goal would require support and partnerships with FPGA vendors. API libraries would need to be developed for each vendors FPGA devices and comprehensive documentation an testing would need to be performed.