ok.log File Reference

The ok.log file is generated when after the ok command is given. It is used is useful to display some error and warning information addition to some compile time constants that can help when debugging. Amongst other logged parameters, the ok.log contains information relating to:

1) the number of total I/O at the top level and how many pins have assigned pinout locations
2) the data_width of fifos and shifters and the control_width of shared registers within the framework module
3) the number of enabled and disabled application modules
4) the total number of resource indexes that have been utilized

Example ok.log File

Log Status: OK
Username: guest
Last Parser Run Time:
2022-09-15 19:18:18 U
Top Level:
Number of inputs: 8 (8 locations assigned)
Number of outputs: 5 (5 locations assigned)
Number of io: 8 (8 locations assigned)
System clock frequency: 100E6
Number of clock domains: 1 (1 locations assigned)
Clock frequencies: [100000000]
reset polarity: '1'
data width: 16
control width: 16
default shared register polarity: '0'
number of resources: 2
Application Modules:
Enabled modules (2): app_module_2, app_module_1
Disabled modules (0):
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